Download Transiterm

The lastest version of Transiterm, V1.6.1, was released on August 28, 2012.

Transiterm + Access 2007 Runtime
Choose this if you don't already have MS Access 2007 or 2007 Runtime

The full package, with everything you need to use Transiterm on one computer. It's a large file because of Access. French/English refers to the language of the Access 2007 package included; Transiterm itself is bilingual.

Transiterm only, USB edition

Ideal for using Transiterm on multiple computers. Please read the installation instructions first!

Transiterm only, single computer

Choose this option only if you're sure you have Access 2007 or Access 2007 Runtime installed!

Installing Transiterm USB

If you install Transiterm on a USB drive, you can access your terminology on any computer with Access 2007 or Access 2007 Runtime installed.

  1. Install Access 2007 Runtime on any of your computers that do not already have Access. You can get the installation files from Microsoft in English or in French (they're free!).
  2. Download and run the "Transiterm only, USB edition" exe file
  3. Under "Destination Folder," click "Browse..." and navigate to the location on your USB drive where you would like to install the files. Note that Transiterm will make its own folder automatically. Click "OK" to select the location.
  4. Click "Install."
  5. Optional: For convenient access, you can copy the Transiterm link (located right under the TransitermUSB folder) to an easy-to-access location, such as the root of your USB drive or the desktop of each computer. If the link doesn't work, reset its target to the accdr file under \TransitermUSB\Files. If you accidentally delete the shortcut, you can create a new one from the accdr file; note that the Transiterm icon is also included under Files.