Transiterm Features

Main interface

  • Clean and user-friendly display
  • Two sizes (standard, narrow) available in both English and French
  • Large fields that accept rich-text formatting (fonts, colour, italics, etc.)


  • Simple and powerful search
  • Possible to find related lexical forms in the English, French and Definition/Usage fields by entering common portion of root
  • All five fields (English, French, Definition/Usage, Source, Domain) are searchable

Add/modify record

  • Autocompletion and drop-down menu of previously used sources and domains


  • Import records from another program using a simple template (instructions here)


  • Easily back up to either Excel or XML
  • XML backups retain rich-text formatting
  • Excel backups are fully human-readable

Six printout options

  • Print in either direction (Fr-En or En-Fr) in simple alphabetical order, grouped by source or grouped by domain
  • English interface
    English interface
  • French interface
    French interface
  • Print sample
    Print sample